Protect the womb

[This is based on something written in the notecards.]

Yummy peers through the branches of the bush she’s hiding in and grins on seeing her friend running by. “Becca,” she calls out while bursting free of her hiding spot.

Becca draws an arrow notching it on her bow, aiming it at the rustling of bushes.. and then stops… her face falling into relief, “Oh, Yummy! It’s you, congratulations on being so important to our King!” she brandishes her bow, keeping vigil for nearby hunters.

Yummy widens her eyes at finding an arrow pointed in her direction and heaves a huge sigh once her friend recognizes her. Smiling, she gives Becca a quick hug, then stands back, eyes scanning the area for dangerous Bulls and sneaky Hunters. “Thank you, Becca…” She pauses and scuffs her foot against the floor. “Do you remember when I was saying how we women should hunt the men and make them our slaves and so on?”

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Pardon this Interruption

The Hunter grunted with each stroke into the female prey, holding her in place with a steely grip in her hair.

The female moaned and bucked under the Hunter, the feel of his manly manhood pumping in and out causing her flesh to quiver in ecstasy

The Hunter roared as his…. as he… umm..

Just then, the Hunter stopped in mid-stroke, leaving the female as he stood and faced the monitor, the dim light of the Bull shack shining off of his bald head.

“Typist!!! Stop jerking off, and pay attention!”

[Inspired by group chat]


The stirring of her land awoke the native female, though she laid quietly for a few moments, her instincts gathering impressions about the world that was Agapeo. Sitting up, her eyes narrowed as she caught scent of a yellow seed Hunter.

Pushing open the door to her kennel, she stepped out, tiny frame perhaps fooling Hunters into thinking she was something other than what she was — the most dangerous female in Agapeo. She followed the scent towards the tavern, prowling with panther-like grace, her chocolate-colored eyes sparking in fury at what she saw there.

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A Tale of Tomatoes

Yummy throws tomatoes at a Hunter. — Photo by AlisonLynn Haystack

She was in the habit of throwing tomatoes at the Hunters. She hated them with a passion, hated that they were present here in this land, hated that they hunted her, raped her and spilled their yellow seed into her body.

So when soggy and rotten tomatoes were discarded, she collected them, sliding them into a small sack she wore on her belt. She would stand a distance away and pelt the men with juicy fruit, giggling madly as red splattered all over the male bodies.

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