Protect the womb

[This is based on something written in the notecards.]

Yummy peers through the branches of the bush she’s hiding in and grins on seeing her friend running by. “Becca,” she calls out while bursting free of her hiding spot.

Becca draws an arrow notching it on her bow, aiming it at the rustling of bushes.. and then stops… her face falling into relief, “Oh, Yummy! It’s you, congratulations on being so important to our King!” she brandishes her bow, keeping vigil for nearby hunters.

Yummy widens her eyes at finding an arrow pointed in her direction and heaves a huge sigh once her friend recognizes her. Smiling, she gives Becca a quick hug, then stands back, eyes scanning the area for dangerous Bulls and sneaky Hunters. “Thank you, Becca…” She pauses and scuffs her foot against the floor. “Do you remember when I was saying how we women should hunt the men and make them our slaves and so on?”

Becca wraps her arms around Yummy, running her fingers through her hair, admiring her raven locks… “Yes.. I remember that… it was something I think we have all gone through at one time.” Rebecca’s mouth twitches a moment, looking up as she hears a little pitterpatter of a twig falling down.. but she disregards it. “Yes, I think I had said something then, about protecting our wombs from those who were not good enough.. ”

Yummy squirms a bit at having her hair touched, rather unused to affection from anyone. She follows Becca’s gaze upwards almost casually, then looks back to her, nodding repeatedly with a huge grin. “Yes, yes… that’s right… that’s exactly what I wanted to ask you about. What did you mean by protect the womb?”

Becca relaxes for a moment in order to think.. tapping her chin… she begins to pace as though she had to find the perfect way to put things.. “It is of my opinion that the King wishes us to only breed with those strong enough. Once, that was only the bulls, but now, it is more acceptable to have hunter babies and even garners great reward! However, for me, it has always been if a man is skilled enough with his bow to capture me, I will accept his seed once he is inside. But if he is not intelligent enough to disarm me, why should I give it to him easily? I can only give birth so many times .. they must prove themselves.”

Yummy watches her pacing for a few minutes, her own mind churning with thoughts and memories as her friend speaks on this concept. She speaks slowly, as though she were struggling to form words. “When I was brought back here…” She pauses and looks around, as though afraid someone might overhear. “My mother was hiding in the treeline and waiting for me. She said she just wanted to see me once…. but she also said I should protect the womb. And I never really understood what she meant until now.” She blushes a bit and darts a look to Becca. “What of the men who are really good at… um… er, raping me? Are they strong enough to be acceptable regardless of hunting skill?”

Becca places a hand gently on Yummy’s shoulder, smiling at her as though she did indeed have the answer, “You know.. that answer is different for you than it is for me. As a wild I must protect my own womb, no one else will protect it. So I am limited to those who are clever enough to quickly leash me or those who are strong enough with the bow. I cannot simply stand around talking to them and being romanced. I am always on my guard. But! For you as a prey.. you can decide to let them all have you if you wish. But in my experience, if you give a hunter what they want, soon after they leave the lands of our Goddess, never to be seen again. Where is the excitement in a woman who spreads her thighs before them, willingly?”

Yummy shakes her head violently, her eyes dark with remembered pain, wrinkling her nose as she thought of the last Hunter she had trusted. “No… no…. I have been seeded each time by a Bull, save for the first day I ran the fields. I know it’s best to have strong Bull babies. But it does the womb no harm to enjoy time with men who will rape me anyway…. does it? I’m not saying I open my legs willingly, but….” She trails off, rubbing her forehead in confusion.

Becca smiles, nodding, “What it comes down to, is it is your life here.. it is up to you to make it as amazing as possible for yourself… even bulls have been known to disappear for a moon or so.. to me it matters not who seeds me.. but that they have shown strength and intelligence enough. Do these men exist in Agapeo? Sure.. but they are rare.. far and few between. Yummy, if it makes you happy to enjoy your time with men, then you SHOULD and CAN. Do not worry about what you should do, just be who you are. I am this way because I choose to be, not because someone told me I have to be.”

Yummy looks down with a loud sniff, shoulders sagging. “I don’t know about you, but it was drummed into my head that I should avoid Hunters… and so when I do enjoy time with them, I feel guilty. Even my mother said to stay away from Hunters…” She lifts her head to smile at Becca. “Thank you for explaining this to me.

Becca chuckles nervously as she looks around, at a snapping twig.. watching a squirrel scamper past.. feeling her heart beating faster, “Even the Goddess calls out that any hunter impersonating a BULL at her statue has yellow seed. I thought for a long time we were to scorn the hunters.. but it is not true. So I go with what happens, one arrow at a time..” she reaches out her hand that had been on Yummy’s shoulder and pats her back gently, “It’s part of growing up here.. we are taught not to trust foreigners not from our lands.. but… who knows.. a hunter may be an aspiring bull.. but it is up to us women to support him… he has the prey to teach him to be a man.. and the wilds to teach him to not go easy.. we may have our place as we are.. even more than you think”

Yummy lifts her head, quietly her body to listen to the world around them as the twig snapping catching her attention. She senses a Hunter nearby and anxiously shifts from foot to foot, though she sends her friend a warm smile. “I personally don’t believe it’s wise to trust any of the men… but then I guess I had a hard lesson in that.” She stills once more, head up as her nostrils flare, catching the musky scent of a Hunter. “We’d better move on… thank you again, Becca.”

Becca smiles and tightens her grip on her bow, notching an arrow up, looking wildly around.. dropping a hand to fall to her belly which was beginning to show, “This baby is a hunter’s baby.. how it came to be is an interesting story.. I will have to tell you that, next time..” she laughs.. wriggling her fingers before dancing off into the dark woods


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