Three Onions

He was a new Hunter on only his second day in the fragrant fields of Agapeo, and he had much to learn in the use of his bow. She took great delight in teasing him, first by mooning him, then by sticking out her tongue. Each time, she danced back before he could clumsily draw his bow. As every arrow missed her, she giggled at him, taunting him with her singsong words, “Neener, neener, you can’t get me…”

But her luck ran out when a nearby Hunter overheard her. HE was not so new, and not inexperienced with his bow at all. He scowled heavily at the girl, his pale face scrunched up in thoughtful dislike. In a smooth motion, he drew his bow and nocked an arrow, sending it flying gracefully through the mid-morning air.

The blunted tip of the arrow smacked hard into her bottom, sending her staggering to the side. She gained her footing once more and took off in panicked flight. However, his skill at hunting was no match for her limited running ability, and she was soon knocked to the ground, unconscious.

When she came to, she was horrified to find herself completely tied up at the feet of both Hunters. And she was humiliated to hear the older Hunter offering to trade her to the new one… not for money or gold, but ONIONS!

The younger man spoke in a thick accent as she laid there fighting with the ropes, trying to get free. “I give you ONE onion for her.”

The other man shook his head. “She isn’t worth much, and I caught her easily, but I need at least five onions for her.”

The first Hunter chortled. “No can do. I give you two onion instead?” He peered hopefully at the other man before glancing down.

Pale and scarred, the experienced man gave a heavy sigh. “Three onions. Final offer.”

The foreign man thought for a moment, then held up an onion. “I took bite from this one. So two and three-fourths onion ok for you?”

The long time Hunter grinned in a wolfish manner as he took the onions from the other man while passing him the girl’s leash. “Deal,” he muttered with a firm nod, then pushed his boot tip into the females curvy backside. “Behave yourself for this Hunter now.”

Cackling madly, the new Hunter dragged his prize into the tall grass around the ruins, where he spent hours pleasuring himself with her. As for the girl, she never stopped teasing the Hunters, but she did take great care whenever she saw the old Hunter, offering a nod of greeting and the politely spoken words, “Sir Onion.”



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