The Wagging Tongue

She lovingly ran her hand over the surface of the desk the Hag had sent to her, then took a seat. Dipping the quill into the inkpot, she then set the tip moving over a piece of parchment.

“There was a brawl in the tavern a few nights ago, which resulted in a lot of broken tables and injured men. Apparently, a very beautiful girl walked past the open doorway, and multiple Hunters vowed to capture and breed her. The name of the girl was Anita Cok.

The Sheriff relayed some interesting news. It seems the Hunter Baiter had a bit of a scuffle with the newest Bull.  Hobbz said that he was told that Baiter taunted the bull Hiro with some silly joke. Later, when the Sheriff was in the village sitting on a bench, Hiro started shooting at Baiter, who then ran after the Bull and shot at him. Baiter was soon killed out in Monet Pond.

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As hard as she tried to avoid it, the door shut with a loud sound. And turning, she found the King’s eyes on her as he sat at his desk, wearing a weary expression that said, to her mind anyway, “What do you want NOW?”

Still, she hurried towards him and settled at his feet, keeping her head bowed. He was the only man in Agapeo who had earned — at kept — her respect. Who wouldn’t admire such vast intellect?

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Cock and Bull Story

[Sorry for the bad pun with the title! This story is based on roleplay].

She fled over the fields in a near panic. The bald-headed Hunter was after her, his arrows too swift to escape. With a stumble and a cry of pain, she fell to the ground.

When she awoke, it was to the words. “Now,” paused the speaker in a dramatic fashion. “Breed her.” She was wrapped in tight ropes, and her struggles to escape just seemed to tighten the bindings.

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The Wagging Tongue

She piled up a stack of thick books and leaned back against them before she started to write quickly. She was late with her report, and she so hated to be late.

“Do you remember the compound of the Chattel Master that was on the old Hunters’ Island? Apparently, there was an actual Chattel Master who worked there. My Branded sisters were gossiping one day when this man was mentioned. My sister Koneko said that the Chattel Master went to go visit the Hag and never returned. My sisters jested that the Hag was keeping him locked up as her sex slave. I wrinkled my nose at this and said something about how old and wrinkly the Hag was.”

“I was then rather smugly informed that the Hag had this potion she drank to revert to a younger, much sexier siren when she wished to spent time with the Chattel Master. I was still disbelieving, but then the Hag visited Agapeo and spoke to me!”

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A Visit from the Hag

The Hag comes to Agapeo in a very rare visit. -- Photo by Yummy.

The Hag comes to Agapeo in a very rare visit. — Photo by Yummy.

The hag arrives from her island to see how the land of Agapeo flourishes.

Yummy gasps, paling in shock at seeing the Hag, lowering her head to her as she mumbles a greeting.

Hag: I have heard many good things about you, my little sweetie.

Yummy looks up at her with wide eyes as she shifts from foot to foot, blushing softly. “You have? Do you… do you remember me? You were the one to name me…”

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She ran over the fields, laughing merrily as the soft grass tickled the undersides of her feet. Coming to an abrupt halt, she stared at the man walking over the gentle hills, eyes wide at the strange garments he wore. Curious, she followed him for a bit before finally approaching him cautiously.

“Hello,” she offered as a quiet greeting, receiving a hearty hello in return.

Her head tilted, eyes peering at him. “You wear odd clothing, Hunter.”

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