A Visit from the Hag

The Hag comes to Agapeo in a very rare visit. -- Photo by Yummy.

The Hag comes to Agapeo in a very rare visit. — Photo by Yummy.

The hag arrives from her island to see how the land of Agapeo flourishes.

Yummy gasps, paling in shock at seeing the Hag, lowering her head to her as she mumbles a greeting.

Hag: I have heard many good things about you, my little sweetie.

Yummy looks up at her with wide eyes as she shifts from foot to foot, blushing softly. “You have? Do you… do you remember me? You were the one to name me…”

Hag: Oh yes, my li’l sweetie, hehe.   You were so sweet and yummy.

Yummy chuckles, a slow beaming smile spreading over her face. “It’s very good to see you again.”

Hag: I see you have earned the trust of King Agenor in many ways. I knew you would, when you were even a wee one.

Yummy stands a bit taller. “I would hope so. He is my King, and a good man to boot.”

Hag: Aye, my li’l sweetie.  No man ever lived who surpasses him in greatness.

Yummy grins with a nod. “Oh yes. I am fortunate to know him. His knowledge makes my head spin.”

Hag: He has won the heart of the most beautiful women, for sure.

Yummy:  *chuckles* Oh indeed. I’m certain he could repopulate the world all on his own too

Hag: I see, my li’l first mother is now an entrepreneur.  I hope she does well.  She owes me big bucks!

Yummy: *laughs* Do you wish me to shake it out of her? I could try to rough her up a bit… though she will probably beat my ass.

Hag laughs and slaps her thigh.  “No, my li’l sweetie.  I will if’n she comes outa hidin’.”

Yummy grins and dares to lean in a little closer to whisper. “There is this orange crunchy food the Hunters bring with them… I think she has been spending all her hard earned money on them.”

Hag: Ohh has she now!

Yummy: *nods a bit sadly* We are all quite addicted to them now.

Hag: Just beware of the kielbasa.  Why, I can’t forget the day she raided my kielbasa barrel and ate them all.

Hag: I must return to my home.  The kids are driving the Chattel Master crazy!

[2013/04/10 14:58]  Yummy (yummy.tamale): *cants her head* What is that? *giggles* Oh please, send him back to us! I saw a picture, and he’s so dreamy looking!

Hag: Aye, li’l sweetie..heheh *slaps her thigh*and his kielbasa is quite satisfactory

Yummy laughs hard.

Hag: You be good and make the hag proud as she always is of you.  *pinches your cheek and runs to the aid of the Chattel Master*

Yummy laughs and quickly draws a picture. The Branded will never believe her otherwise!

The Hag smiles and waves.


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