The Hunter and The Water

-- Photo by Kalinta

— Photo by Kalinta

Written by Kalinta

Hearing the water splashing, she looked out the window. It wasn’t uncommon to hear something from the water. The sea serpent sometimes found an odd sense of glee in frolicking in the water and throwing itself about just for the fun of it. The sound today wasn’t just sea serpent antics.

She could see a sister swimming with graceful, determined strokes. Behind her was what had caused her to look out the window: A hunter splashing to keep up, as if trying to grab hold of the water to pull himself forward. She sighed. He was a hunter; grace wasn’t a word usually applied to them. While the hunter himself wasn’t graceful, she couldn’t help but admire the grace with which the Serpent locked it’s mouth around him and threw him in a beautiful, perfectly arced trajectory across the water. The whimpering sounds he made while in the air all but topped it off.

The drawer creaked slightly when pulled out. She rummaged around for a moment, trying to find exactly what she was looking for. Thinking for a moment before grabbing the two largest chunks of soap. With one in each hand, she pushed the drawer shut and moved towards the door. This was an opportunity not to be missed; A hunter in water. She had to add soap. For humanity. And her Sisters’ wellbeing. It was a thing she saw far too little. Not that she actually wanted to see it. In fact she would be quite happy for it to just happen without her having to witness it.

She took a couple of steps out into the water. She wanted the best possible angle she could get. With one eye closed and the other narrowed she took aim. And missed. Her intended target at least. The wail of the hunter made it quite obvious her bar of soap had hit him square on the right bum instead of the water nearby. A shrug of her shoulders and a slight smirk showed that she considered that to be close enough. Her second bar of soap hitting his left bum moments later was further evidence.

Settling down on the brink she watched the Serpent take the hunter into the mouth again, only to spit him out rapidly. No doubt helped along by his now soapy taste. Who would have a thought. A hunter saved by the soap they so vehemently seem to escape. Tonight this particular hunter didn’t escape the soap. The two red soap-shaped makes on his ass gave that away quite visibly. She chuckled and threw a few pebbles into the water, watching the hunter try desperately to keep up with her sister but only falling further being.

Did he get his prey in the end? Of course not. She was much more used to the water than he was and got away easily. There is a lesson to be learned here for hunters – if only they would listen.


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