The Wagging Tongue

She piled up a stack of thick books and leaned back against them before she started to write quickly. She was late with her report, and she so hated to be late.

“Do you remember the compound of the Chattel Master that was on the old Hunters’ Island? Apparently, there was an actual Chattel Master who worked there. My Branded sisters were gossiping one day when this man was mentioned. My sister Koneko said that the Chattel Master went to go visit the Hag and never returned. My sisters jested that the Hag was keeping him locked up as her sex slave. I wrinkled my nose at this and said something about how old and wrinkly the Hag was.”

“I was then rather smugly informed that the Hag had this potion she drank to revert to a younger, much sexier siren when she wished to spent time with the Chattel Master. I was still disbelieving, but then the Hag visited Agapeo and spoke to me!”

“After our conversation, she said she had to get home, as the kids were driving the Chattel Master crazy. So she herself admitted that he was there… though it’s still unknown what he’s doing there, sex slave or not.”

“And on that subject! The Chattel Master should return soon. The King mentioned to me that there would soon be a new outpost to replace the current one. There will be an office there for the Chattel Master to work out of. I hope he returns soon…. I’m not fond of Hunters, but from the portrait I saw of the Chattel Master, he seems to be a very fine looking man.”

Keren (left) downed Luca (right) before she herself was downed. -- Photo by Kalinta.

Keren (left) downed Luca (right) before she herself was downed. — Photo by Kalinta.

“I had a good chuckle one day. Sir Lucablu was sniping at the Healer Kalinta while she was standing in the Branded yard. So the Branded Keren went after him. She downed him, and was standing there, when the Hunter named Hiro downed her. I leashed her and dragged her to safety, just in the nick of time, as Luca had woken up and was coming towards her. The Bull Wootan downed Hiro. However, when Keren recovered, she was pretty angry. Without regaining her full strength, she went back out and killed both Hiro and Luca.”

“There are no new warrants from the Sheriff, but he did hand me a report he had written.” She unrolled the parchment written by Hobbz and copied it into her report.

“Sheriff’s Report:

It was a quiet evening here in the Village…. until we saw the return of a former criminal.  FIRE SイⓄRMBιムÐE (fireheart.texan).  Then things became interesting.  He was hunting a fine prey and made the drastic mistake of venturing into our Village to pursue her. 

Baiter and I fought through the lag and eventually downed him.  MB got the killshot and sent Fire to a much warmer climate.  That didn’t stop the baby from crying up a storm though.  We just laughed as he swore to never return, but was back roaming the fields a short time later.

Fire then made the mistake of hunting after Baiter’s property, the Wild Neiryn.  Needless to say, Baiter downed him.  Unfortunately, it seemed that another Hunter downed Baiter before he could finish

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, another former criminal made an appearance.  Paraddoxx Condundrum was seen in the Hub for a time.  I don’t recall seeing him around for quite some time.  Paraddoxx was around and may have been the one to down Baiter.  He later trespassed into our Village.

It is highly possible Paraddoxx is an alias for Nynga.

Both names have been updated on the list of known Criminals.

Stay vigilant, brothers!  This is a dangerous land.  We must remain united and strong against these outsiders!”

She chuckled and shook her head at the image of men chasing each other around, which in turn reminded her of something else that had happened.

“Sir Luca had managed to capture me again, a fate I was not too happy about.  However, soon the Hunter named Pop came along, and I saw an opportunity to perhaps escape the clutches of the man who held me slung over his shoulder.

“The old man Pop said he would give Luca two arrows for me, once Luca had finished with me. Luca refused, telling the man to earn me himself. I told Pop that Luca would lock me up and he would never see me again. At this point, Pop threatened Luca.

“I thought perhaps Luca would stand down, though really – I shouldn’t underestimate that stubborn mule. Anyway, I told Luca that Pop was good with his bow and he should run. Luca opened his mouth to speak but before he could utter a word, Pop started shooting at me.”

“My Branded sisters have taught me to drop to the ground when there is a battle going on, and I’m leashed to one of the combatants. This way, I won’t be caught in the crossfire. So I did this, and when the men paused in their fight, I stayed still, playing possum.”

Sir Luca (right) and Sir Pop  (left) fight over a female before being interrupted by a Bull. -- Photo by Kalinta.

Sir Luca (right) and Sir Pop (left) fight over a female before being interrupted by a Bull. — Photo by Kalinta.

“Just then, the Bull Wootan came along and asked what was happening, why I was just laying there. BOTH men began to stutter and claim that I was ill. I opened my eyes and told the truth, that Luca had caught me and the old man was trying to steal me. At that point, the Bull tried to kill them both, and I was FREE. Until later, when Sir Luca actually succeeded in registering me. But that is another story.”


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