As hard as she tried to avoid it, the door shut with a loud sound. And turning, she found the King’s eyes on her as he sat at his desk, wearing a weary expression that said, to her mind anyway, “What do you want NOW?”

Still, she hurried towards him and settled at his feet, keeping her head bowed. He was the only man in Agapeo who had earned — at kept — her respect. Who wouldn’t admire such vast¬†intellect?

She glanced up as a soft smile played over her lips. “Sire…” She began. “I have noticed these… things around the island and wondered what they were. There were two on Hunters’ Island, one by the bridge towards the village, and one by the bridge to Agapeo. And there is one here, over by the ruins. Oh! And one in the new Hunters’ Village.”

Pausing, she lifted puzzled eyes to him. “It’s made of wood, long pieces tied together, and it almost looks like a corral for smaller animals, except… it only has three sides.”

The King smiled, and his expression took on a distant look, as though he were digging through the memories stored in his mind. “Those are artifacts, Yumm, relics from the previous world…”

He took a breath, seeming ready to add more, when he looked up and out the window. He shook his head and stood, stepping around her kneeling body to stroll towards the door. It was clear that he had other things to attend to, and she looked down, disappointed. There was never enough time with him.

At the door, he paused with his hand on the knob and looked back at her. “Remind me to tell you about gyres sometime.”


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