The Wagging Tongue

She lovingly ran her hand over the surface of the desk the Hag had sent to her, then took a seat. Dipping the quill into the inkpot, she then set the tip moving over a piece of parchment.

“There was a brawl in the tavern a few nights ago, which resulted in a lot of broken tables and injured men. Apparently, a very beautiful girl walked past the open doorway, and multiple Hunters vowed to capture and breed her. The name of the girl was Anita Cok.

The Sheriff relayed some interesting news. It seems the Hunter Baiter had a bit of a scuffle with the newest Bull.  Hobbz said that he was told that Baiter taunted the bull Hiro with some silly joke. Later, when the Sheriff was in the village sitting on a bench, Hiro started shooting at Baiter, who then ran after the Bull and shot at him. Baiter was soon killed out in Monet Pond.

When Baiter returned from Hades, the Sheriff said the man was watching the Bull. Baiter took a pot shot at Hiro while he was with a prey in the Bull pen. Hiro shot back, and Baiter disengaged soon after that.

I ran into my sister Kalinta and was asking her if she had any interesting news. She said, ‘The other day, I saw a hunter chase a sister around for the better part of half an hour. Even with her long bright hair to guide him, all he seemed to be able to hit was the green grass of the ground. That is all he ended up catching too – dust. She was too fast for him this time.’

She also told me, ‘The hunter known as PointOfNoReturn made a charge at the Brandeds almost a week ago. He ended up battling it out around the Branded Yard, jumping in and out as they poured out to fight him off. Back and forth it went for a little while until he ended up on his belly with a thud just outside the tavern behind the kennels. A few more swift arrows sent him on a vacation to Hades. Reports from Hades shows that the heat did good things for his recovery, and soon enough, he was making plays at those tending to his grievous wounds.’

My Branded sisters are keeping a close eye on an odd Hunter who spends a lot of time in the stables and seems to have an unhealthy affection for the bovine housed there. I have heard his name is Cowlick.

I have been working a lot this week, so I haven’t had time to wander the fields and stick my nose into other people’s business as I usually do. I sure wish my sisters would share their gossip with me. Maybe in time…”

She laid the quill on her desk and sat back, turning her head to gaze out the window, her mind wandering.


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