The Story of V

She heard her Branded sister fall, and then another Branded did the same. Running, gasping for air, she found them and stood over them protectively, worried that a Hunter might come and drag them off while they were so helpless.

Finally, they recovered, and they both sprinted off. She climbed to the top of a hill to watch what they were doing, hand lifting to cover a gasp as she realized there was a third Branded running… and shooting at the first two.

It was she who had downed the Branded, her own sisters!

The Scribe sadly shook her head and took off running towards the ruins, faltering as she heard the sound of a female body hitting the ground. Worried that her sister had been downed once more, she sped up. Reaching the ruins, she saw Koneko fighting the renegade Branded. And finally, the wild girl fell.

Koneko leashed her and dragged her to the Branded yard, with Marcy, the Healer and the Scribe running behind. Once in the yard, the King and his pet Imp came out. He sat down beside the wild Branded and began to direct the other girls in caring for her, saying that her name was Val.

Later, she had been tucked away into a kennel so she could not escape again. The King looked at the Scribe and beckoned her over.


“Yummy, I have a story for you. Come to Me,” he said. She hurried over and sat near him, eyes intent on his face. She loved when he told her stories of Agapeo.

“Many years ago,” he began, “I was in grief of the most hurtful kind. My daughters had [disappeared] and still are missing and even Father knows not where they are. In my moment of utter misery, Father gave me this… this cocoa colored female. She was his gift to ME.”

He paused for a moment, seeming to be lost in his memories, then continued. “I had lost this gift, to much pain in my heart, late last year, after the sinking of the island or upon it. This is her,” he said.

A smile seemed to cross his face as he spoke. “I taught her to read and write and even speak as we do, but I never took out her wild nature. She is as apt to act out of emotion and pain as anyone — with no checks in place. I want her healed … I want her running MY point. She is among the deadliest of Brandeds.”

Attention turned once more to the girl in the cage, as it seemed she had suffered from amnesia or some other horrid illness. The King said she would remain in her cage until she came to her senses and was well once more. After a time, the girl fell asleep, and everyone crept away to give her the quiet rest she desperately required.

Later, the Scribe went into the library, digging through the vast number of scrolls for one in particular. She smiled as she found the one titled “The Story of a Lonely King and a Place Called Agapeo.” Reading through the scroll, she found the story the King had told her earlier.

Shaking, King Agenor dropped to his knees while alone by the edge of the sea—always alone! He felt a tap on his shoulder, and with the speed of a tiger, he turned and drew his bow. A young small cocoa colored girl stood before him smiling with a soft look over her face. He heard his Father’s echo from the ocean breeze, “This female is yours! Care for her and teach her how to write and fight—I charge you son!” He lowered his bow, and she came to him still smiling. Immediately, he was enamored with this young girl. He stood as she wrapped her body around him and hugged his bare torso. Her little breasts and naked body were warming him in an uncanny inexplicable way as if she knew her purpose. He tied a rope around her waist and took her back to the compound where he later replaced the rope with a leather collar and metal leash. She was his wildgirl, and he taught her how to write and protect the outpost from the bulls.

She finished reading and, as she looked up, she seemed to hear the King’s voice echoing, stating with absolute finality, “That is why she is mine … without release, ever.”


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