Day 13

She sat cross legged in front of the fire, staring into the dancing flames with a morose expression on her pretty face.

This wasn’t fair; it wouldn’t go away.

She squirmed, hoping to relieve the pressure. No, it was still there.

Laying back in the dirt, she slide her hand over the smoothness of her belly, fingers strolling down further and only stopping when her slender digits played over wet lips. A finger dipped between the pouting flesh, finding that throbbing nub and rubbing.

Soon she was writhing in the dirt, husky moans lifting to the night air. Screams soon followed as her muscles contracted hard, making her jerk against the earth as she came violently.

She sat up panting, relieved that the incessant need had finally gone from her. The throbbing of her body had started days ago and had grown steadily with each day that had passed. She was grateful for the reprieve.

Humming softly and smiling, she got up to gather food, but within a few minutes, that sharp and unrelenting ache was back. She fell to the ground, wailing, her face lifted to the sky. She wailed to Artemis, “Goddess! Why do you torment me so?”

With her words, the need seemed to double, and she couldn’t bear it any longer. She staggered to her feet, feeling more like an animal than a human. The primal need of her soft curves drove her through the trees and over the hills.

She had the vague impression of a man standing in the middle of a field, and she ran to him with a wild cry. Her hands were a blur as she tore at him, pushing him down to straddle his hard body, unfastening his pants to pull out his cock, and stroking him to hardness.

Her breath came faster and faster. She felt mad, crazed with this need slamming into her form again and again until she felt she would die. She held salvation in her hands, however, coaxing him to life until she posed her body over him and slowly sank down, impaling her wet heat on him.

She had no clue who he was, had never seen him before, couldn’t even see him clearly now. Her focus was on the need drowning her. She began to move, using the muscles in her legs to lift and lower her body, her tight walls stroking his cock as she rode him. Faster and faster she moved, coaxing his seed to spurt into her.

Finally, the man gave a hoarse cry, and his seed spewed forth, filling her cunt with heat. She yowled in pleasure, body clenching so tight that she seemed to break apart, pussy violently milking him, dragging his seed deep within her.

She groaned and climbed from him, finally, mercifully sated. As her senses returned, her vision cleared, and she growled a warning to the man, lips curling back with the promise of what her teeth would do to him. With a dangerous glint in her eyes, she climbed to her feet and ran from him, carrying a new life.

The Goddess smiled.


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