The Loot of Woot(an)

I was relaxing this afternoon when [the Hunter] Wootan came along to tell me about a couple events he recently had encountered.

The first one is a story about a new hunter who wanted to challenge Wootan for his girl and the other involved a confrontation with a couple of brandeds.

The following record is what he related to me of those events:

Hobbz: So, tell me about the first situation.

Wootan: I spotted Unnr standing outside the healer’s hut talking to Irk, and knowing how highly prized the Natives are, I decided to down her and bring her back to the Stabbin’ Cabin. Well, some new hunter decided he might try his hand at downing Wootan and taking his prize. Oh nay nay! Mama grizzlies have NOTHING on ole Wootan when you come between him and his prey! I threw 7 arrows in him quite suddenly and he seemed to be lagging, so I spared him; figuring my point had been made.

Hobbz: ::raises an eyebrow, drawn into the story:: Nice. How did that go?

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