ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): the King asked me if I fell in love, and I was like…. duh, a million times
XXX: still can’t hit the broad side of a freakin barn though
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): lol
XXX: Hahahaha, you fell in love with XX?
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): With a lot of people
XXX: That’s kinda sweet
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): There were some really great people there. I get attached.
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): 🙂


Pardon this Interruption

The Hunter grunted with each stroke into the female prey, holding her in place with a steely grip in her hair.

The female moaned and bucked under the Hunter, the feel of his manly manhood pumping in and out causing her flesh to quiver in ecstasy

The Hunter roared as his…. as he… umm..

Just then, the Hunter stopped in mid-stroke, leaving the female as he stood and faced the monitor, the dim light of the Bull shack shining off of his bald head.

“Typist!!! Stop jerking off, and pay attention!”

[Inspired by group chat]