ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): the King asked me if I fell in love, and I was like…. duh, a million times
XXX: still can’t hit the broad side of a freakin barn though
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): lol
XXX: Hahahaha, you fell in love with XX?
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): With a lot of people
XXX: That’s kinda sweet
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): There were some really great people there. I get attached.
ÿυṃ ÿυṃṡ (Yummy Tamale): 🙂


Protect the womb

[This is based on something written in the notecards.]

Yummy peers through the branches of the bush she’s hiding in and grins on seeing her friend running by. “Becca,” she calls out while bursting free of her hiding spot.

Becca draws an arrow notching it on her bow, aiming it at the rustling of bushes.. and then stops… her face falling into relief, “Oh, Yummy! It’s you, congratulations on being so important to our King!” she brandishes her bow, keeping vigil for nearby hunters.

Yummy widens her eyes at finding an arrow pointed in her direction and heaves a huge sigh once her friend recognizes her. Smiling, she gives Becca a quick hug, then stands back, eyes scanning the area for dangerous Bulls and sneaky Hunters. “Thank you, Becca…” She pauses and scuffs her foot against the floor. “Do you remember when I was saying how we women should hunt the men and make them our slaves and so on?”

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