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Matari the Traveler, Part Two

He stepped into the doorway of the tavern and stared, slack jawed and awed. The most beautiful women he had ever seen were everywhere — serving drinks, dancing on tables, sitting in laps. Some men were lined up with women in tow, apparently to register them.

A burly blond Hunter hurried into the tavern and rudely bumped against Matari. He turned and sneered. “Watch where you are going!” Even though the other man was the one at fault, it was clear by his balled up fists that he was ready to fight at the slightest reason. Matari stared at him, until the other man visibly blanched and hurried away. If that Hunter had been born with a tail, it would have been tucked between his legs.

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Matari the Traveler

The heavy corded muscles in his arms rippled as he rowed his small boat across the surface of Lake Tunis. Once he reached the eastern shore, he climbed out and stood regarding the low-laying stone structures of the city. There were people everywhere he looked. A steady stream of men and women passed each other in the streets, while here and there, citizens stood chatting.

This “city” was very different from his homeland. There, dark skinned men and women camped at night and roamed across the landscape during the day. The men hunted with spears, while the children ran around laughing and playing, often pointing at the small herds of hopping mammals. But gradually, the numbers of human dwindled until it was rare for him to see another living soul as he kept himself alive.

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Roleplay 101: Godmodding

What is it?

The best way to explain godmodding is to offer a few analogies.

1.) Let’s say that you and a friend are playing Barbies. Your Barbie has blonde hair, and so does hers, but all of a sudden, she screeches, “Your Barbie has purple hair!” You don’t want your Barbie to have purple hair, but your playmate has decided this to be true.

2.) In this one, let’s use those little plastic Army guys as an example. You and a friend are battling in out on the fields, his lil dudes against yours. You’re winning, when he informs you that he just dropped a bomb and wiped out half of your guys. In addition, he says he threw a grenade into the command tent, and the general lost both arms and a leg. That’s pretty unfair, isn’t it? All of a sudden, you’re losing, through no fault of your own.

3.) Lastly, let’s say you are reading one of the Harry Potter books. The chapter is flowing nicely, when you read “Harry shouted ‘I fling this snake at you, it bites you, and you die.'” Well, what right does Harry have to decide that his opponent was bitten and died? Perhaps Harry’s challenger saw the snake coming and ducked out of the way. Maybe he even caught the snake in mid-aid and threw it back at Harry.


What these analogies all have in common is that someone was playing God. Now, that is fine when you are playing alone or writing a story, but when playing with others, you only get to decide what happens to your own character.

When you decide what happens to another character (avie/person) in the roleplay, you are godmodding.

What’s wrong with it?

If someone writes that your hair is purple, you might be upset that you are no longer the lovely blonde you once were. If someone writes that a bomb killed half of your Army and your general no longer has arms or a leg, you might be frustrated over the unfairness of that. If someone writes that they threw a snake at you, it bite you, and you died, your game, your fun, is over.

Godmodding takes away the other person’s participation in the roleplay. Why does that person need to be present if you are going to write his/her actions as well as your own? Godmodding forces action upon your roleplay partner.

So how can I avoid it?

Let’s use some examples of godmodding and then correct them to show how godmodding can easily be avoided.

Wrong: He pushes his fingers into her, noting that she’s wet. 

Better: He pushes his fingers into her to see if she’s wet. 

Best: She moans as his fingers slide over her damp pussy lips. 

He pushes his fingers into her wet cunt. 

The last one is best because the partner has decided that her character is wet, so the other person can use that information in his post.


Him: “I can tell that you want me because your nipples are hard.”

Her: “What are you talking about, weirdo? My nipples aren’t hard.”


Her: She moans deeply, nipples swelling into hard nubs. 

Him: “I can tell that you want me because your nipples are hard.” 

Her: She blushes, hands lifting to cover her breasts.

To see more examples of godmodding, visit the “Epic Examples of Godmodding” thread on the Agapeo forums.

Cock and Bull Story

[Sorry for the bad pun with the title! This story is based on roleplay].

She fled over the fields in a near panic. The bald-headed Hunter was after her, his arrows too swift to escape. With a stumble and a cry of pain, she fell to the ground.

When she awoke, it was to the words. “Now,” paused the speaker in a dramatic fashion. “Breed her.” She was wrapped in tight ropes, and her struggles to escape just seemed to tighten the bindings.

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The Wagging Tongue

She piled up a stack of thick books and leaned back against them before she started to write quickly. She was late with her report, and she so hated to be late.

“Do you remember the compound of the Chattel Master that was on the old Hunters’ Island? Apparently, there was an actual Chattel Master who worked there. My Branded sisters were gossiping one day when this man was mentioned. My sister Koneko said that the Chattel Master went to go visit the Hag and never returned. My sisters jested that the Hag was keeping him locked up as her sex slave. I wrinkled my nose at this and said something about how old and wrinkly the Hag was.”

“I was then rather smugly informed that the Hag had this potion she drank to revert to a younger, much sexier siren when she wished to spent time with the Chattel Master. I was still disbelieving, but then the Hag visited Agapeo and spoke to me!”

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